Our Clinics

Easy Access

Novia's on-site clinics promote the health of employees by removing the barriers to the use of primary care services, so that employees have better access to a medical provider who can become involved in the management of their health.

There are many aspects of Novia's model that increase the ease with which an employee can access medical services:

  • no insurance forms to fill out
  • no co-pays or coinsurance on any service provided within the "four walls of the clinic"
  • reduced or eliminated drive time due to on-site location
  • reduced or eliminated time spent waiting for appointments
  • longer appointment times (20-minute minimum)

An on-site clinic can help the Employer cut the time that employees must be away from work to see their medical provider. Though the use of a sophisticated online scheduling system, Novia has been successful at reducing time spent in their medical provider's waiting room down to a few minutes. Our existing patients have quickly learned and greatly appreciate knowing that as long as they show up on time to their appointment, there will be little or no waiting time before they are seen by a medical provider.

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