Welcome to Novia CareClinics

Novia CareClinics, LLC is an Indiana limited liability company organized to conduct the business of creating and managing employer sponsored on-site clinics providing primary care health services to employees, their families, or others as designated by a sponsoring employer.

Novia believes that on-site primary care clinics offer an exceptional opportunity for employers to reduce their benefit plan costs, while at the same time, providing improved benefits to their employees.

Many large employers have created on-site medical clinics. Through these clinics, employers are able to integrate wellness initiatives and provide medical services to their employees. Smaller and mid-size companies, as well as larger organizations with geographically dispersed sites, now have the opportunity to emulate this approach using the systems and services offered by Novia.

Novia manages the employer on-site clinic and provides integrated and comprehensive services designed to help employees improve their health. In conjunction with the medical professionals contracted for the clinic, the following are among the services provided by Novia:

  • Clinic operations management, including inventory maintenance and staffing
  • Online scheduling and electronic medical records systems
  • Individual Health Risk Assessments
  • Pre-disease management and educational reach-out programs
  • Health coaching
  • Assistance in chronic disease management
  • Assistance in promoting wellness initiatives
  • Employee population health management and accountability
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