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Novia CareClinic to serve Fishers employees.

FISHERS, Ind. - Beginning next Monday, Fishers employees and their families can see a doctor and get most medications for free. Even more surprising is that the town manager believes Fishers and taxpayers will save lots of money.

Fishers firefighter Maria Rhea expects to save around $50 per doctor visit when the Fishers In-House Employee Clinic opens next week.

"With three small children, we frequent the doctor quite a bit, and I think it will save us some money," said Rhea.

Rhea and any of Fishers 378 employees and their families will be able to see a doctor and receive most medications for free, as long as they are on the town's health insurance.

The town expects to save money.

"And we're projecting that cost savings to be about $1.3 million over the next three years," said town manager Gary Huff.

Fishers will pay Novia Care Clincs $25 a month, per employee or family member. That fee is expected to cover the cost of two doctors, two nurses, overhead and insurance.

Novia Vice President Lanny Green said his company operates 17 clinics. He said Novia gets services and generic medications at wholesale rates.

"Why pay a $120 when you can pay $13?" asked Green.

Green said Fishers should notice more productivity too because he runs a tight ship. He said employees will be in and out in 20 minutes.

It's not a walk-in clinic. Employees and their dependants will have to make appointments. The management company said if they're late, they'll have to reschedule.

The town manager said employees can still see their family physicians or go to neighborhood pharmacies. He says he will closely monitor the books to make sure the town and taxpayers are getting the expected savings.

By Leslie Olsen, WISH TV 8, Indianapolis, IN

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