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There is a Reason to Take Action

Since 2001, the cost of medical benefits has increased by more than 75%. It will become increasingly difficult for employers to fit medical benefits within affordable compensation packages for employees.  Employers must take an active role in efforts to control these rising costs.

Novia believes that on-site clinics offer an exceptional opportunity for employers to control benefit plan costs and concurrently work to improve employee health and productivity.

Through a Novia on-site primary care clinic employers may:
  • Reduce the effects of medical inflation by reducing the consumption of health care services over time.
  • Reduce medical benefit costs by purchasing certain medical services and drugs on a wholesale basis.
  • Provide employees with free access to certain primary care physician services and certain prescription drugs while reducing overall costs.
  • Have employees spend more time at work and less at the doctor's office, thereby obtaining higher productivity while providing greater convenience for the employee.
  • Gain competitive advantage in hiring and retaining employees, by further differentiating benefits offered to employees.
  • Improve the health of employees by using health risk assessments designed to identify and then manage individual health risks.
  • Receive tools to understand and manage the health of the employee population, providing a base for targeted education and wellness initiatives.
Employers providing medical benefits now underwrite the costs of primary care and prescriptions within their medical plan without these benefits.

To reiterate, the on-site clinic concept addresses global costs, not by shifting the costs to employees, but by providing both competitively priced primary care services and successfully targeting and addressing the management of pre-disease conditions that lead to chronic or severe conditions, thus addressing causes of high claims.

Many large employers have created on-site medical clinics. Through these clinics, employers are able to integrate wellness initiatives and provide medical services to their employees. Smaller and mid-size companies, and larger organizations with geographically dispersed sites, now have the opportunity to emulate this approach using the systems and services offered by Novia.
Learn how you can save money with an on-site health clinic.