Our Expertise

Novia CareClinics prides itself in being a premier provider of health and wellness services to our clients. As an independent health and wellness organization, Novia has no ownership ties to medical service providers in any form.  This allows Novia to focus its operations on providing employers with services for the development and management of on-site medical care and wellness initiatives.  

Novia does not seek to provide clinic management services in order to control or direct referrals, obtain margins on drugs or other clinical services, or to offer proprietary health or wellness products.  It does, however, act as an advocate for employee health and wellness, helping employers reduce health care costs and educate their employees on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Novia operates clinics across the United States, aiding employers in advancing the health and wellness of their employees. Currently, Novia has over 30 clinic locations servicing approximately 40 different sponsoring employers. Because of the successful operations of its clinics, Novia is in the process of opening several more clinics across the country. We believe that our clinics and health and wellness initiatives demonstrate our commitment to healthy living.

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